Trading Strategies

There are now two trading strategies available on Auttex’s trading platform; iHODL and Trading Channel. Both of these trading strategies take advantage of Auttex proprietary trading algorithm to make and handle trades at the best positions. We will cover the basics of these trading strategies.

iHODL Strategy

Auttex makes multiple buys throughout a trading day to establish new positions and makes a profit when these trades are completed. With the iHODL strategy as the name implies, the bot does not exit any position at a loss. If the market makes a dip in the price, your positions are maintained until the price recovers.

Trading Channel Strategy

With the Trading Channel strategy, in the case of a dip in the price the bot will exit your most expensive position in order to free up funds. As an example if you entered a trade at $9,000 and the price fell below $7,800, the bot will exit that trade to free up those funds.

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