Understanding & Setting up Auttex Trading Bot

Auttex trading bot works by connecting to your GDAX account to make trades for you. Some of the benefits of using Auttex is that at all times the funds are under your control, using a trading bot also helps to remove some of the emotions associated with trading. Using Auttex’s trading bot also frees up your time throughout the day as it manages your trades based on your settings. Auttex also has a built in mechanism that secures the profits you make daily.

To get started with Auttex

To get started, create an account on auttex.com. Upon successful account creation & login, you will be prompted to add an exchange and your API information. Create an API key in your GDAX account and enter that info on Auttex’s site, that is what will enable the bot to connect to your GDAX account and make trades for you. When setting up your API key, be sure to give the bot only view and trade permissions, do not select transfer nor manage permissions, you will see these choices when you are setting up the API key.

After you have saved your exchange and API information, you will be asked to enter a trade pair. Only a BTC-USD trade pair is available for now. All the information on this step is already prefilled, you can just change as needed and click save info.

Now after you have entered all the details on auttex.com, just ensure you have USD in your GDAX account to start with, the bot will start trading after you pay for a subscription and your exchange is turned on from the exchange page.

Click on Account under the user menu section or go to auttex.com/myaccount to pay for a subscription. Your monthly payment is always initiated by you. You are now all set to start trading!

Want to pause the bot? From the exchange page, you can turn on or off the bot. You also have the ability of deleting your exchange information both from Auttex and GDAX, after which the bot will no longer be able to connect to your GDAX account.

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