Fully Autonomous Cryptocurrency Trading Expert

Auttex utilizes advance algorithmic trading incorporating machine learning to establish the best market entry positions to make you a profit.

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Algorithmic Trading

Utilizes in-depth chart analysis to identify best market entry positions based on our proprietary algorithm.

Fully Autonomous

Enjoy a hands-off experience, the bot does everything from buying, selling and re-aligning your trades.

Profit Protection

Steadily grow profits by minimizing risk and protecting the profits you make daily.

Understanding Auttex

Auttex works by connecting to your digital currency exchange to make trades for you so at all time the funds are under your control.

Our cryptocurrency trading platform allows you to input basic settings to setup your account and runs fully autonomous with minimal interaction to make you a profit and protect it.

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The only bot that protects your profit!

Auttex feature a built in mechanism to protect your daily profits.


Average ROI for all members over the past 4 days.

Oct 29, 2020


A return of $0 per day on a $10,000 trading account

Oct 30, 2020


A return of $0 per day on a $10,000 trading account

Oct 31, 2020


A return of $0 per day on a $10,000 trading account

Nov 01, 2020


A return of $0 per day on a $10,000 trading account

24/7 Trading

Auttex is fully automated and runs 24/7 to make you a profit even while you are alseep.

Exchange Integration

Easy to set up plus at all times your funds are under your control while the bot automate trades for you.

Remove Emotions

Removes emotions associated with trading, the bot will always make trades based on rules and options you set.

Frees up Time

Using Auttex frees up your time by taking advantage of our rules based and algorithmic trading.

Passive Income

Use Auttex trading bot to set up a passive stream of income, Enjoy an average ROI of 1% per day.

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Answers to your frequently asked questions.

1 How does Auttex Work?

Auttex works by connecting to your cryptocurrency exchange and make trades for you based on the settings you put in.

This is possible by creating an API key on your exchange and this is what will give the bot permission to access and trade on your account.

2 Can Auttex transfer my funds?

At no time will Auttex be able to ever transfer your funds.

When you are setting up your API key, only give the bot view, trade & manage permissions. At no time does Auttex have permission to innitiate a transfer from your account.

3 What is an API key?

An API is what enables and gives the bot permission to connect and trade on your account.

Your API key is created on your digital currency exchange. After creating your API key, you then input those settings on our platform on the Exchanges page.

4 How does Auttex makes a profit?

Auttex is optimized to take advantage of the valatility that comes with cryptocurrency trading.

Auttex employs algorithmic trading to determine the best market entry positions and completes these trades at a profit for you.

5 Do I ever hold a bag?

We have several trading strategies on our platform and we are always working to add more.

Our iHODL strategy never sells at a loss and holds your positions if the price dips, then sells them when the price recovers. On the other hand our TradingChannel strategy exits your highest positions on a market dip and frees up cash so you can continue trading with those funds.

6 Do I start with cash or BTC in my account?

This depends on the base currency of your Trade Pair.

If your base currency is USD to buy BTC, then you need USD in your account for the bot to start trading.